Gain real insight through your advertising

The QUAD Ad Manager™ helps you understand how people are affected by your advertising. And the best part is it all works by using your regular banners.

A simple interface for a complex industry

QUAD Ad Manager™ is a web-based application that’s easy-to-use. It has one main purpose: hosting and serving your ads.

This then allows you to easily track all your digital ad campaigns, no matter how or where you advertise. It’s essentially a simple interface for a otherwise complex industry.

Advanced ad formats

Through QUAD Ad Manager™ you have access to a wide range of advanced ad formats, all designed to engage people.

New formats are added frequently and unique solutions are built per client request.

Real-time statistics

With real-time statistics you are able to work proactively with your advertising and take actions to optimize your ad campaigns while they are still running.

Measure things such as unique users, inscreen impressions, view time, engagement rates and conversions – all displayed beautifully and in real-time.

Pay for what you use

The pricing model is completely based on volume and uses the industry currency of CPM*. It’s made to fit the smallest advertiser and the largest publisher. No montly fees, no startup costs – just pay for what you use.

*CPM = Cost per mille, the advertising cost per thousand impressions