We design everything from brand identities to ads, for large publishers, great agencies and small advertisers alike. We create design that impact people.

  1. Even though it’s not all we do, advertising is our heritage. The delicacy of daily press print is in our hearts and the possibilities of digital is in our souls. We have made 60.000 ads and we can’t wait to make 60.000 more.

  2. Galaxi Group wants to make a strong impression in everything they do. Like they themselves boldly state: “Expect these creators to shape the future”. We took their ambition to our hearts when creating their identity. Bold and visionary. Visit

  3. Our friends at Lidbhy Gård craft beer on a horse farm next to an old viking trail outside the small town of Norrtälje in Sweden. We wanted to create an identity that respected their heritage as much as they respect the art of brewing. The logo is even made up of two old viking runes meaning “horse” and “farm”. Visit

  4. TK Botnia strives to once again make wood the obvious choice for all construction in Sweden. Our job has been to create an identity that reflects their 100 years of experience in wood design without feeling outdated. Timeless, natural, unique. Like wood. Visit