Ad Technology isn’t just about building animated banners in HTML5. Using our own cutting edge technology we are able to push the limits of what is possible for digital advertising, creating unique solutions that enables creativity and gives result.

  1. Animation, responsitivity, video. What used to be available to only the biggest and boldest of advertisers is now becoming standards. We are continuously simplifying the advanced and improving the simple, leading the market in digital ad solutions.

  2. The QUAD Ad Managerâ„¢ helps you understand how people are affected by your advertising. And the best part is it all works by using your regular banners.

  3. Holmgrens Bil wanted to boost their used cars sales. We built a dynamic solution that constantly fetches data from Holmgrens Bils systems, displaying the latest 20 cars in any given segment.

    This was then combined with behavioral data for targeting, resulting in Holmgrens Bils most succesful display-campaign to this date, with 400% higher click-through-rates (CTR) than their average and with bounce rates dropping from 90% to 60%.

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  4. Here at QUAD we also develop and design websites for our customers. Visit our Design section to view a few of them.